Induction- Cardiff National Museum

For our induction we attended a lecture in the Cardiff National Museum where we were introduced to the Art & Design department. Here we were told that we weren’t just taking Graphic Communication, we are actually on the path of becoming a graphic designer. This really excited me. After this we got together with our course and went for a slightly awkward picnic in the park to “get to know each other”, this didn’t go exactly to plan.. Following the picnic we were taken back to the museum where we were given a task. Here, in groups of 3, we were given a word and had to find 3 things that represented that word in 3 different forms, a photograph, illustration and piece of writing. My group was given the word ‘Industry’, which was quite a complex topic, making the task more challenging. This really enthused me as it allowed me to think more making the task more interesting.

From this task I have learned a lot and have seen lots of different ways of thinking. I can now see that simply finding a straightforward meaning is too easy and when coming up with an idea you should go deeper, picking out and searching for a diverse context which gets the audience really thinking, this making the outcome a lot more interesting.


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