Collage Task

For our second task we had to create a collage using cut out images from magazines and newspapers. With this we had to find a centre piece of a person and think about how that person was feeling in the picture. Using this information we had to then make the collage adding in other images that reflect their feelings in the opposite way. For example, a women shown to be very confident in the centre picture, then adding in an image of where she might not be so confident, such as jumping out of a plane. Again, like our first task in the museum, this was very challenging and made us think a lot. This also allowed us to become familiar with the different sorts of techniques we would be working with throughout the course. Following this we did another quick task where we had to create an explosion using the collage techniques. This was a lot of fun and it was great to see some of the different ideas people had and how they created the explosion effect.

Collage Pieces

Collage Pieces


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