Sequence Exercise

To be a successful designer, and to come up with a successful design, you need to have lots of ideas. With this you need to be able to jot these ideas down quickly allowing you to keep the ideas flowing. This also allows you build upon ideas more effectively as you don’t think about one idea for too long.

For this exercise we had to write down a list of 16 morning routines, where we then had to illustrate our routine using quick drawings. Here I demonstrated how I woke up after a night out, where I would wake up, fall back to sleep, be late for uni etc.. For this task we had to generate our ideas and draw each sequence quickly in the form of rough sketches. The drawings had to be simple but clear to identify and shouldn’t have taken longer than around 30 seconds for each sequence. Here we didn’t want to think about 1 idea for too long as it would disrupt the thought process of our other ideas.


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