Group Image Analysis

The next task we were given was a group discussion on a image we were asked to bring in. This image could be anything from a piece of work to a chocolate wrapper. In our groups we then had to review the image and answer these sets of questions:-

What is it? Advertisement.

How is it made? Computer Graphics.

Why? To persuade people to go to freshers events.

What’s the context, what is around it? To advertise commercial events for freshers starting university life.

Who made it? Motivation? No reference. Maybe a Cardiff Met student or tutor..

When was it made? Over summer 2014 (probably).

For whom was it made? What for? The eyes of freshers students of Cardiff Met, 2 weeks of events.

Is it an event? Contemporaneous? Viewpoint? The image itself is not an event.

Is it a concept? The image is scientific collaboration of some kind. To appeal to as many students as possible to come to the events.

What’s the message? Encouraging people to start their university future with freshers at Cardiff Met.

What’s the signifier? Words over image as their purpose is to convey a message, where as the image aspect of it is a secondary decoration aspect.

What’s the signified? The elements of the design reminds us of all the people directed into the event. All the lines are going into the centre which is where the words ‘FRESHERS 2014’ have been placed.

Another thing we took from this poster is that it has quite a techno style of design, this maybe representing the music and lifestyle you will be living in those 2 weeks, where from my experience was pretty mental.


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