Layout Exercise

Another exercise we were given was to explore possible arrangements of content relating to format. Here we were learning about layout styles where we were given inspirational examples from the CIA (

For this exercise we were given an example of a piece of work from an illustrator named Paul Wearing. This illustrator has a very big reputation when it comes to layouts, and from this piece of work it helped inspire our own. For our own designs we had to use a mix of highly refined simple forms and precise pattern as well as a strong use of grids. With this we had to find a photographic image of a hand or draw around our own hand to make a simplified silhouette. As well as this we has to create an object that related to the hand and trace it.

From Wearing’s piece, I think he is trying to show how we solve problems in our head and then how we determine this with our hands using illustration. Here we can also see a clear layout as well as the use of grids.

Paul Wearing Piece

Paul Wearing Piece

For my piece of work I wanted to concentrate more on my layout skills rather than the message I was portraying. Here I found a very interesting pattern including hand forms from a magazine. With this I then drew around my hand and cut the pattern out. To go with this I also used the cut out outline acting as a background, this giving another silhouette, but giving more of an imprint effect making the piece a little more intriguing. Following this I placed the cut out hand on the other side of the page giving the use of grids. For my traced object I drew a silhouette of a head where I illustrated some of the pattern from the magazine. This was then placed on the the imprinted cut out of the hand where the colored pattern could also be visible.

My Piece

My Piece


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