Project 1:- A Considered Composition

For our first project of the year we were given the objective to develop our understanding of design; relating to the content generation and layout on a chosen theme. Within this project we had to use processes of photography, drawing, collage as well as Photoshop and/or Illustrator. With this then we had to create a visually interesting image based A3 composition on the theme we had been given.

The word I was given was ‘Energy’ and with this I was encouraged to look at the work of Tim Marrs and Paul Wearing who I had already previously studied. This would then show me how to make “information rich” multi story compositions.

Before designing the composition, I firstly started to generate many potential ideas, researching what the word meant and represented. This then allowed me to incorporate lots of ideas into one, looking at the different outcomes and explanations for my design. Here I looked at how the word ‘Energy’ could be portrayed in different ways, where I wanted to come up with a distinctive way of thinking.


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