Typography Graffiti

Our new project was based on typography. To get us familiar with this style of design, we were given the task to create stencils of different letter forms where we then graffitied them onto a small white box hut in the middle of cardiff centre. This was a great day out as random people walking around also joined in with the students. The stencils were done in many different ways, which made the wall look a lot more interesting. I also really liked the use of red and black on the white background making the letter forms really stand out. Another cool effect was how using the outline of the paper as well as the stencil gave it a 3D look as the stencils were overlaying each other.


Project 1:- A Considered Composition (First Hand In)

With lots of development and different idea’s, I finally designed the poster digitally using both Photoshop and Illustrator where I used a photograph of my hand to show how we as humans control the energy and created a cool lighting effect around the illustration of the bulb. I think this worked really well, as well as the energy wave striking through.

I’d still like to look more into this project as I would like to include some hand drawn sketches showing what my poster is trying to put across.

Constellation:- Self Reflection

During this constellation week as well as a lecture we had a seminar looking at self reflection. Here we were told what we should be thinking about when it comes to discussing and evaluating our lectures and studio time. With this we have to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as well as reflecting on the journey I have taken. This should then always be recorded on our blog to show what we have learnt.

From this we went onto self evaluation our strengths and weaknesses. Here we focused on, not just in terms of graphic design, but our general strengths and weaknesses in day to day life.

When looking at my strengths I would say I am a very confident individual. With this I find it very easy to be myself as well as communicating with others, this then giving me great team work skills. I really enjoy working as a group as I like how people have different ideas and opinions where you can then merge these ideas together to make one great one. I’d like to think, when working in a team, I am very helpful and like to get stuck in, also helping the people in the group who aren’t as confident as me in certain situations.

A weakness of mine I feel lets me down is how I leave things to be done quite late. When given a piece of work to do I tend to do it just before a deadline which stops me from creating something to my best potential. This is something I am always trying to improve on and lately I have started to do things sooner rather than later.

From these strengths and weaknesses I try my best to improve them all, motivating myself to do well which I feel is the most important thing!

Workshop:- Letter Press

My second workshop was a very intriguing one, looking at how type was created before technology. Just thinking about how many typefaces there are, then the types of typefaces and then even the different sizes of typefaces. All letters and numbers done one by one, when now we can do it in seconds on the computer. It’s crazy to think how long and how much effort it took to design typography before technology!

The letter press process I felt was very complicated, but after a while I understood how to arrange the different pieces of equipment and in the end found it quite enjoyable, making imprints that made the text a lot more compelling. I also find the outcomes very vintage looking giving it more of an effective result. This would look great on things like posters and business cards denting the material which I think looks more professional and attractive.

Project 1:- A Considered Composition (Development)

Following my ideas, I carried on developing and drew out a few poster sketches all done using the quick drawing technique so my ideas could keep flowing. After sketching out around 20 different icons I could use as different elements in the poster I sketched an A3 piece of paper with the idea of energy being produced with a different way of thinking.Here I tried to show, us as human beings controlling energy, where using a light bulb as my ‘Bright Idea’ also representing the word ‘Energy’, we hold the energy, creating all the outcomes from it. With this I thought of how most people think, that energy starts from the sun. So I turned it to us creating the energy through the filament to the sun, which then create the outcomes. Here I wanted to show just how powerful human beings are.

Constellation:- Perspective

In this constellation lecture we looked at perspective. Here we came to recognise that perspective isn’t just the angle you look at something, but someone’s attitude towards what they are viewing and how they interpret it. I found this a very interesting topic as there is so much more to think about when looking at an image or object.

There are 4 main sections when looking at perspective. These are anamorphic projection, adopting a non human viewpoint, doubling and repetition, and lastly, historical perspectives.

My favorite section was anamorphic projection. The reason I found this so interesting was because, the way in which this type of art is presented is very clever, playing with the mind to how looking from different angles can make the image or object look different. According to¬†Webster’s 1913 Dictionary, anamorphic projection is ‘A distorted or monstrous projection or representation of an image on a plane or curved surface, which, when viewed from a certain point, or as reflected from a curved mirror or through a polyhedron, appears regular and in proportion; a deformation of an image’



From this piece of work we can see that depending where you stand shows a different view of an image. You have to be standing in a certain position to see the image in it’s true shape.

Workshop:- Laser Cutting

My first workshop of the year was laser cutting. This was a very interesting experience as I have never used the equipment before. After coming to grips with how the machine worked I designed a quick image on Illustrator to cut out. Here I just got an image of a car, live traced it to give it an outline, this allowing it to cut correctly. I then added in some text to see how that would work, using quite a complex type. Using trial and error I came to understand how the machine would cut and where it would cut, as sometimes if the vectors weren’t alined properly it could cut in-correctly. I did this on both paper and plastic, where I played around with the different types of cut, some cutting out the outline and then some inside the outline.

I feel this workshop was a great success as I was able to experiment a lot. This type of work I feel I would use a lot throughout my time on the course and I am very excited to see what outcomes I can create over the years to come.