Workshop:- Laser Cutting

My first workshop of the year was laser cutting. This was a very interesting experience as I have never used the equipment before. After coming to grips with how the machine worked I designed a quick image on Illustrator to cut out. Here I just got an image of a car, live traced it to give it an outline, this allowing it to cut correctly. I then added in some text to see how that would work, using quite a complex type. Using trial and error I came to understand how the machine would cut and where it would cut, as sometimes if the vectors weren’t alined properly it could cut in-correctly. I did this on both paper and plastic, where I played around with the different types of cut, some cutting out the outline and then some inside the outline.

I feel this workshop was a great success as I was able to experiment a lot. This type of work I feel I would use a lot throughout my time on the course and I am very excited to see what outcomes I can create over the years to come.


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