Constellation:- Self Reflection

During this constellation week as well as a lecture we had a seminar looking at self reflection. Here we were told what we should be thinking about when it comes to discussing and evaluating our lectures and studio time. With this we have to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as well as reflecting on the journey I have taken. This should then always be recorded on our blog to show what we have learnt.

From this we went onto self evaluation our strengths and weaknesses. Here we focused on, not just in terms of graphic design, but our general strengths and weaknesses in day to day life.

When looking at my strengths I would say I am a very confident individual. With this I find it very easy to be myself as well as communicating with others, this then giving me great team work skills. I really enjoy working as a group as I like how people have different ideas and opinions where you can then merge these ideas together to make one great one. I’d like to think, when working in a team, I am very helpful and like to get stuck in, also helping the people in the group who aren’t as confident as me in certain situations.

A weakness of mine I feel lets me down is how I leave things to be done quite late. When given a piece of work to do I tend to do it just before a deadline which stops me from creating something to my best potential. This is something I am always trying to improve on and lately I have started to do things sooner rather than later.

From these strengths and weaknesses I try my best to improve them all, motivating myself to do well which I feel is the most important thing!


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