Words In The Environment

Another task we were given was to go out and try and find things within the environment that could be used to create typography. In groups we were given a word where we then had to come up with a few ideas not only that could make out the letters, but also represent the theme of the word. We were given the word ‘Brave’, and with this found quite a few things we could use from the environment. Firstly in my sketchbook I sketched out a few ideas, where my group came up with the theme of fire. This represents the word ‘Brave’ as you have to be brave to play with fire, as it is very dangerous. The same with smoking. You must me brave to smoke as you are risking your life. After this we started to try out a few of our ideas…

brave on fire

brave sparklers

This is my favourite  outcome, where we used sparklers to create the word ‘Brave’. I think this came out really well where you can clearly identify each letter. This idea also represents the word well as you have to be some what brave to play with fireworks.


Experimenting With Names

One task we were given throughout the typography project was to create a font, representing someone, where we had to think about their interests, hobbies, lifestyle etc. We had to do this by hand, using mark making. I was partnered up with Jillian who is a very jolly and colorful individual. With this I decided to use a sort of care free typeface, creating splatters with different colored paint.

I thought this was a very productive task as not only did it allow the class to get to know each other more, but it also allowed us to experiment and look a lot deeper into typography and how it can be produced.

Workshop:- Screen Printing

Screen printing was probably my favorite workshop of the term. I really liked the outcome of the posters, giving a much more polished look, this more effective than a a scanned printer. It also makes printing much more enjoyable, as well as making you feel far more proud of your work, where you have to take a lot more time and effort to produce it.

6 Word Story/Hybrid Font

One task we were given was to come up with an interesting story about ourselves and condense it into 6 words. This was quite a challenging task but was also very enjoyable. My story was ‘Family Break-up Curse Causes Commitment Fear’.

After coming up with a story we were then asked to create a hybrid font where we would then use it with our story. Here we had to choose 2 typefaces out of a list and combine them to make one. My 2 typefaces were Rockwell and Myriad. Before researching each typeface, in my sketchbook I looked at how I would structure my story and how I would express each word. Here I used both upper and lower case as well as having different size types to make the most important words stand out.

After researching each typeface, on Photoshop I created my hybrid font by cutting each letter form into half and placing them at different heights which I though gave a great effect, giving it quite a techno look. As you can see, Rockwell is a Serif font where as Myriad is a San Serif font, this giving a really interesting design as one half of the letter form was Serif and the other San Serif.

Following this I then added in my 6 word story where I used both upper and lower case letters, which emphases the important words.

Type Research

As part of our typography project, we looked at different typeface styles, fonts and techniques. Here we researched things such as Serif and San Serif typefaces where a serif is a small decorative piece on the ends of each character.

Other things we looked over where-

-Script                 – Miniscule                 – Expanded                 – Resting                 – Grotesque

– Italic                  – Condensed             – Clarendon                 – Superior Letters   – Versals Lombardic

-Slab Serif           – Gothic                     – Triangular Serif         – Didone                  – Trifurcated Serif

– Oldface             – Transitional             – Bifurcated Serif         – Vestigal                 – Roman

-Humanist           – Majuscule               – Fat Face                    – Display Face         – Ligature

Typography is an expression, using letter forms to communicate. It is the architecture of ideas and making of language.

Type Hunt

On the same day as the the typography graffiti, we also, in groups, went on a type hunt looking for interesting typefaces where we had to take photographs and post them on Instagram.

These are examples of some of the photos we took, where we had to look for interesting type faces that had unique textures and styles. Here we liked the emboss on the drain with a san serif type face.