6 Word Story/Hybrid Font

One task we were given was to come up with an interesting story about ourselves and condense it into 6 words. This was quite a challenging task but was also very enjoyable. My story was ‘Family Break-up Curse Causes Commitment Fear’.

After coming up with a story we were then asked to create a hybrid font where we would then use it with our story. Here we had to choose 2 typefaces out of a list and combine them to make one. My 2 typefaces were Rockwell and Myriad. Before researching each typeface, in my sketchbook I looked at how I would structure my story and how I would express each word. Here I used both upper and lower case as well as having different size types to make the most important words stand out.

After researching each typeface, on Photoshop I created my hybrid font by cutting each letter form into half and placing them at different heights which I though gave a great effect, giving it quite a techno look. As you can see, Rockwell is a Serif font where as Myriad is a San Serif font, this giving a really interesting design as one half of the letter form was Serif and the other San Serif.

Following this I then added in my 6 word story where I used both upper and lower case letters, which emphases the important words.


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