Type Research

As part of our typography project, we looked at different typeface styles, fonts and techniques. Here we researched things such as Serif and San Serif typefaces where a serif is a small decorative piece on the ends of each character.

Other things we looked over where-

-Script                 – Miniscule                 – Expanded                 – Resting                 – Grotesque

– Italic                  – Condensed             – Clarendon                 – Superior Letters   – Versals Lombardic

-Slab Serif           – Gothic                     – Triangular Serif         – Didone                  – Trifurcated Serif

– Oldface             – Transitional             – Bifurcated Serif         – Vestigal                 – Roman

-Humanist           – Majuscule               – Fat Face                    – Display Face         – Ligature

Typography is an expression, using letter forms to communicate. It is the architecture of ideas and making of language.


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