Project 2:- Type Specimen Poster

For this project we were asked to produce a poster on a specific typeface, where we had to provide three paragraphs of background information as well as an aesthetic design. Before going ahead and designing the poster, I firstly sketched out a few ideas which I could then build upon. Here I looked at different layouts, and how I would put the design and the text together in a creative way.

I designed the poster on InDesign, a programme that I am not familiar with. This was quite a challenge for me as I had to learn from scratch all the tools. An idea I had was to have letters shooting off from one big letter R for Rockwell, which would be my main focus point. I then wanted my paragraphs to interact with the R, having one inside the D as well as one in the leg. When looking at it now I feel too much is going on, and I should make the poster a little more simplistic. For a first attempt, I am still quite proud of what I have achieved seeing as I am a only just a beginner to InDesign.


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