Project 2:- Type Specimen Poster- Continued

After looking at other people’s work in a review, I decided to rethink my poster. I wanted to create something with a much more structured layout, as I feel my first attempt didn’t look professional enough. Even though I liked the idea of letters flying out from another, it didn’t give off the effect I was looking for. The way in which I placed each paragraph I feel was also quite careless, as I didn’t experiment enough, just placing them anywhere they could fit.

This time I have thought more about the different use of shades of colours where I could then make the most  important elements of the poster to stand out such as the ‘Rockwell Regular’ heading. I also like how I have placed all the information text to the right hand side of the page using different alignment methods. Here I feel I have achieved much more success than my first effort as I spent a lot more time thinking about each element of the poster and how it should be managed. I am also very pleased with how everything fits together, where as in my first poster, some parts of it seemed out of place and not thought of carefully.


I am still undecided on which of the three I want to finalise as I can’t figure out if it is better to keep the space over the ‘k’ empty or filled, as filling it could be too much and over complicate things where as leaving it as it is might seem as if something is missing. I will have to get feedback from my piers before handing in a final submission.


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