Project 3:- Book Making

After telling a story about ourselves, we then went onto looking at how we would create a hand made book, telling an already told story. We were asked to choose one of our favourite stories and then condense it down into a short story book. I chose the story of the Jersey Boys which is a recently released film about how Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons came to fame.

After sketching out a brief overview of what was going to happen in the book, where it is a story of how 4 boys went from ‘Rags to Riches’, I started to come up with ideas of how to create the book. In the end I came up with quite a clever idea of making the book look like a stage having curtains that would open the book. This would then also link in with the story as it is also a musical theater story.

As a whole I’m quite happy with what I produced. What I think would have made my book better though, is if I used better materials. For example for the curtains, it might have been better if I used a silk sheet instead of paper as this would have looked more like curtains with a wavy effect. Apart from this I feel I conducted the story line well, where you are able to understand what is going on even though how much it has been cut down to make a short story.


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