Project 4:- Ebook/IPDF Story

After the hand made book, we stayed on the topic of story telling and format, where we went onto making a digital book. Our focus was to produce the same story as the hand made book but adding in navigations. Here we added in a contents page so when you click on one of the chapters it would take you to that page. We also had to create navigation arrows on each page which you could click for the next page, previous page as well as the first and last page.


Although we were supposed to concentrate primarily on the technical aspect of the book, I still feel the layout was quite well done, using the same photos from the hand made book, just putting in more depth into the story line. I’m also happy with my understanding of how to create these navigations as well as the paragraph and character styles we had to adjust in order to show the difference between chapters, headings, and the body of the text.


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