City Task- Greyfriars

This city task was our first field brief where we were given 15 short tasks to complete and then present in groups of 3. I was working with Freddie and Gwyl. These 15 tasks needed to be carried out in a given area of Cardiff, where we were given the area Greyfriars Road which is the street with some of the most popular nightclubs in Cardiff such as Glam and Prysm.

The 15 tasks included:

1. Map the whole area

2. Produce a mini story

3. Find a pattern

4. Document time passing

5. Create a sound map

6. Record a conversation

7. Draw something people ignore

8. Connections between to aspects of site

9. Record 5 shapes that are permanent and 5 which are not

10. Past life of location

11. Catalogue of colour in area

12. Collect smells

13. Unexpected angle

14. Document lettering

15. Find something in need of repair

Here’s a document I typed out about the past life of Greyfriars Road-

I also created this image cataloging the colour of the area using this panoramic photograph I took and then editing it in Photoshop-

IMG_7678 copy    >>>>

When collecting smells we came across many different scents, where they would differ depending upon the time of day/night. For instance, early morning the street would smell like alcohol and urine from all the students just hours before stumbling home and thinking the alley walls were a toilet urinal. Then coming up to midday you could smell the lovely pub grub coming from Varsity but still with a slight linger of the alcohol. In the night time the streets would smell like smoke with the students out in the smoking area of the nightclubs. All in all, students have fucked it up.


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