Constellation:- Entropy, Ecology and Modernity (session 1)

For my term two study group I chose the topic of Entropy, Ecology and Modernity. Our first session was an introduction into the the topic where we were told what would be expected of us over the course of this term. Here we looked at what entropy, ecology and modernity were.

Entropy is where energy is being lost. It is a form of waste where energy cannot be destroyed. With this we were told to research the laws of thermodynamics. There are two laws, one being the law of conservation energy, stating that energy cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction. The second term states that the entropy of any isolated system not in the thermal equilibrium almost always increases. Entropy is probably the broadest subject out of the three terms as modern society leads to more entropy due to the constant use and re-use of energy. Here we briefly looked at the theory of UMWELT which states that the world is dictated by your senses.

UMWELT is German for ‘environment,’ which takes us onto ecology which is the relationships between organisms and their environments.

Lastly, modernity is the quality of being modern.


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