Constellation:- Entropy, Ecology and Modernity (session 2)

For our second session we looked at the rise of modernism where we see entropy as increasing disorder. Here we asked the question, “What is order?” Order is ‘Arrangement, ‘Structure’ and ‘Balance.’ It is an ‘improbable arrangement of elements,’ whether ‘beautifully structured or arbitrarily deformed.’ Entropy as a figurative expression of disorder or undifferentiated. ‘Order makes it possible to focus on what is alike and what is different, what belongs together and what is segregated.’


Cycles- cycles of energy around a system (eg. nutrients, water). The volumes of energy and water define the properties of the ecosystem.

Food Chains- movements of energy through the ecosystem (eg. grass- horse- manure- dung beetles/worms/bacteria- grass- horse etc). Some energy is lost in heat at each stage (entropy). Ecological succession- ecosystems may change through time. Stable ‘steady state’ ecosystems are often high in diversity with relatively low energy inputs.


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