Constellation:- Entropy, Ecology and Modernity (session 3)

For our third session of this term we visited the Cardiff National Museum where we were given a tour of the Artes Mundi exhibition that had been set up. This included artists the likes of Ragner Kjartansson who came up with a great quote, saying, “Life is not ‘either/or’ never either tragic or joyful, never black or white. One lives and dies in the grey area. That is where I dwell.” Kjartansson draws on the entire arc of art in his performative practice. The histories of film, music, theatre, visual culture and literature find their way into his video installations, durational performances (sometimes lasting hours or weeks), drawing and painting. Pretending and staging become key tools in the artist’s attempt to convey sincere emotion and offer a genuine experience to the audience. Kjartansson’s playful work is full of unique moments: the dramatic and the banal come into conflict in a memorable way.

Here are some other artists who were part of the exhibition and there work-


                Theaster Gates


                      Carlos Bunga


                 Renzo Martens


                    Renata Lucas


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