London Trip- 4 Designers Conference

While on our trip to London we attended the 4 Designers conference where we got to meet and listen to four highly influential desingers who are part of some of the most popular agencies in the industry.

The four speakers included, Alan Dye who is the creative director of NB Studio, Dave Palmer, the executive director at Love, Bruno Maag, the founder Dalton Maag and finally Phil Carter, who is creative director of Carter Wong Design. Each spoke for around 45 minutes giving us advice, sharing some of their amazing and inspiring experiences. They told us they were once sat where we were sitting and that it wasn’t always this good, how they were once someones bitch running around trying to impress but never being heard, until one day all that hard work paid off, to be where they are now.


My favourite talk was by Dave Palmer of Love. In his presentation he gave us a lot of great advice, trying to help students out with information that we needed to follow.

Four things he told us were crucial- Don’t e-mail creative directors, research the agency and try to e-mail a middleweight designer instead. Try to anticipate what other people are doing and saying to get the job, and stand out. And lastly, spell check!


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