London Trip- Studio Visits

For our second day in London we were split into groups to go on a visit to some popular agencies in the area. I chose to go to Dare where a previous CSAD student now works for.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 15.26.58

The studio space was awesome, I loved how open it was with such a chilled vibe. It was the exact working environment I loved, where everyone was close together with a relaxed but working atmosphere. During the visit we were then given an overview of what Dare does, and all the different clients they have worked with.

After the introduction we were set a quick task where we had to think of an idea to get people to return to a cinema after watching a film. We were put into groups of three and my group came up with the idea of creating a smartphone app as phones have become such an attached item by people who seem to do everything on them. What the app would do is simply ask the person to rate the film and receive a discount coupon for a ticket on their next visit.

One thing I loved about the visit, is the talk we had on the psychological side of design. We were shown how, not only is the aesthetics of design important, but so is influencing the audience, forcing them to buy what you’re selling.

After Dare, we still had a few hours before we were heading back to Cardiff, so I decided to visit my Uncle’s agency Kin Design, where he showed me all his latest work, one being the exhibition design for the Future Cities Catapult.

Here you can see all the amazing work him and his team have done as well as many other projects he has worked on, my favourite being the project for Nokia.


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