Project 6:- City (group project)

This was our first group project where we were asked to create something around the word ‘City’. This could be done around any city but we had to base it around a chosen theme, which were either ‘Migration’, ‘Hidden City’ or ‘Power/Technology’. Before we got into groups we researched and mind mapped each theme to then help us decide which one we would chose for our project.

hidden citypower

migrationAfter this, we each chose a theme, where we then got into 3 groups, a migration group, hidden city group and a power/technology group. In these groups then, we discussed our ideas where we could then chose who we wanted to work with. I chose migration.

I was in a group with Freddie and Carwyn where I came up with the idea of showing the difference between the movement of people around the city in the day and the night. Both Fred and Carwyn liked this idea where they also came up with the idea of the difference of, not only the movement of people, but the movement of transport and different types of transport and the different paths you can take to get into the city.

After a lot of idea building, we finally came up with a format where we decided to conduct a video. Here we wanted to use a GoPro to time lapse and create a cool film that showed 2 people’s different journeys into the city and what goes on, showing the movement of people and transport.

 IMG_9199 IMG_9200

The final film will be published soon…


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