Project 7:- City 2 (mixed art courses group project)

Following my first ‘city’ project that was done in groups within my Graphics course, we then went onto mixing with students from other areas of Art and Design. Firstly we were put into big groups of students from many different courses, such as Fine Art, Illustration, Making, Ceramics etc. We were then put into pairs where we had to talk about our previous ‘city’ project where we would then all stand in a circle, going round one by one telling the rest of the group about our pair’s project. Here we then had to decide who we wanted in our groups, based on who’s previous project interested you.

After a few minutes of going around the group independently and talking to the people we wanted to work with, we all finally decided our groups where we then had to go off and discuss our ideas for the current project. For about half an hour, we bounced ideas of one another, talking about the possible outcomes we could produce. But first we had to think about the theme we were going to work with, where as a group we all liked the idea of using hidden city. With this I came up with the idea of finding popular landmarks and areas of Cardiff to then find what was there before it existed. I also thought it could be a cool idea making something interactive, where the audience could get involved with the outcome, unfolding the hidden secrets of Cardiff. The group liked this idea so as a team we started to brainstorm, coming up with things such as a board game, looking at how we could make it interactive. We then came up with the idea of using landmarks as board pieces, where they would move in the direction of their past, which would then tell the story.

After having a tutorial with one of the tutors, we came to realise that our project should be more personal to us, where we could not only tell the story of Cardiff, but the story of ourselves. This is when we came up with the idea of using the cities we were brought up in, telling the story of that city but in the way we see it. For example, I love to surf, so when I think of Swansea and look back at what I have left behind to come to uni in Cardiff, I think of the lovely beaches and surf. I also have a huge passion for football, so I miss watching the swans play at the Liberty Stadium. From this we then figured out how we would display this, creating all of our own cities around the city that we are now in. With this we came up with having 5 pentagons fitting around another pentagon in the middle, fitting perfectly as well as being able to show all of our groups cities, as there was 5 of us.

Going back to the interactive part of the project, we came up with a really clever idea of having an object which reflects us and where you could play a board game of who gets to Cardiff first. I thought this worked really well, but I think with more time we could have made it a lot more interesting, but given the time we had, I feel the final outcome was a success.

Being able to create our own cities allowed us to show of our own skills, to then also show team work, creating the middle piece of Cardiff together, as that is where we are together in university. I loved working with other areas of art and design as it enabled me to learn a lot, stepping outside of my comfort zone on the computer and being able to make things such as a Liberty Stadium, which I never thought I would be able to do.

Here are the things I made for the city of Swansea in my eyes-

A surfboard to reflect me and my piece to move around the board to get to Cardiff a long with a billboard I designed digitally to show the Mumbles, my favourite place in Swansea.

 IMG_8769 IMG_8770

The Liberty Stadium I created using cardboard cut out.


Here is the final outcome with each member of the groups city along with Cardiff where we all chose something that reminded us of Cardiff, mine being a silhouette cut out of all my favourite clubs in its amazing nightlife.



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