Constellation:- Entropy, Ecology and Modernity (session 7)

Coming close to the end of our first year of constellation and coming near to our essay, we were asked to choose a piece of artwork and explore is visually. We had to consider it’s relationship to energy, wealth and power. For example we had to show how energy, wealth and power was involved in its production as well as its display. As well as this, we had to see what depiction of energy, wealth and power it shows.

I(L)- “Nobody likes me”- Vancouver, Canada

This piece of work shows a young child desperate of getting some Facebook likes, symbolizing the impact of social media on kids nowadays.

This particular piece I feel is very powerful as it shows how much social media can effect an individuals confidence, causing things such as depression, anxiety and lack of motivation. This can then lead to things such as bullying. It also shows how, not only teenagers, but very young children have started to get too attached to social media, this effecting their physical life.

All their energy is put into a little device instead of going out to play. Kids these days put so much energy into social media, always wanting to know whats going on, thriving on how many followers they have, or how many likes they get on a photo. In today’s society, children would rather use up the energy of a mobile phone rather than their own.

This shows a lack of wealth due to unhappiness, as well as a lack of abundance. No likes, very few friends, ‘FML’.

       ‘Hidden Ugliness’

As well as our presentation, this session we looked at the term hidden ugliness which is the the hidden facts behind the otherwise beautiful looking product. For example, wood material that has been illegally logged and processed by child laborers. We need to think ethically about our products, using ‘Virgin’ materials, saving the ENVIRONMENT.


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