Constellation:- Entropy, Ecology and Modernity (Reflecting)

Looking back at term two, I feel I have learnt a lot studying entropy, ecology and modernity. I really enjoyed being taught about order and disorder with entropy, formulating the basis of a reunion between creative artists and the industrial world. I also found spectacle versus ecology quite fascinating, learning how some believe ecology is not important as long as the outcome is spectacular. In my opinion, I see ecology very important in art and design and believe the term ‘Hidden Ugliness,’ should be considered when creating all pieces of work.

From writing my essay, I now realise how much information you can receive from a piece of artwork, visualising each aspect in great detail. In each session I found it very refreshing, listening to everyone’s different perceptions of artwork, especially my tutor Morag. I have learnt to look at art in many different ways, not just thinking about the aesthetics but what the artist is trying to tell you, finding hidden messages and meanings. Recongnising art in this fashion makes the process a lot more engaging.


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