Project 8:- Journey- Continued

At first I wanted to create something that changed peoples views on graphic design, but I’ve decided to look into this project more personally showing my most favourite experiences along with each section of my course. To do this I decided to make an animated video where I would act as a fresher moving to Cardiff and coming across a door that reveals my experiences using digital sketches and typography. I wanted the sketches to be quite simple, acting as icons to represent each experience.

Here are my ideas being developed in my sketch book-

To create the animation of me walking down a street I videoed myself walking down a corridor as well as opening my flat door. With this then I put the video onto Photoshop and rotoscoped each frame. I then added in some background objects to show Cardiff.

Overall I am pretty happy with my final piece. I chose the song ‘What You Know’ by Two Door Cinema Club as it is a very upbeat song which blended really well with the frame changes of the animation as well as the text frames. I also like the simplicity in the sketched, representing each experience nicely where you could clearly see what they were showing. If I was to make my final outcome better, I would have liked to have show more of what I’ve learnt, going into more detail about each section of the course and why I enjoyed it so much. This would have made it a lot more information rich, explaining my journey in more depth. But as I said, I believe I have produced an interesting piece of work which shows my first year of University in a creative way.


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