Subject Reflection

Describe your working method, how do you approach a project?

Before I do anything, I always like to jot ideas down in my pocket book. When given a brief in the studio, I always have it out while the tutors are talking over what we are being asked to do. Once I have done this and have gone home, I then transfer these ideas and expand upon them in my sketchbook, going into more detail and thinking more about what I am trying to produce. I also like to do a lot of research, where I can find inspiration on how to turn this idea into a final outcome.

How experimental have you been this year in subject?

I think I have been quite experimental in my projects, sometimes coming out of my comfort zone. The field project was probably my most experimental piece of work where I adopted skills from students studying fine art. I still feel that I could be even more experimental which I hope to be in second year. I have come to realise that the most peculiar outcomes turn out to be the most interesting, so I’d like to start thinking outside the box a bit more. I will definitely be doing this come next September.

Where have you used different media and formats effectively and imaginatively in subject?

Again my field project where I worked with different areas of art was the most imaginative I have been. Creating an interactive piece where I not only used the computer but actually putting things together with my hands and painted. I learnt lots of new skills during this process which is going to become a lot more of an occurring trait.

Which is your most appropriate solution?

My most appropriate solution I think would be the ‘Words in The Environment’ task where my group came up with lots of clever ideas to present the word ‘Brave.’ We were very thoughtful of how we would create the typography, making it link in with the word ‘Brave’ as much as possible, such as making the word out of matches and lighting them. This represented the word ‘Brave’ as you have to be brave to play with fire.

Which is the most memorable, interesting idea in your work?

For my field project I believe I came up with a lot of ideas. I thought it was very interesting how each member of the group could display their hometown in their own way, showing how they see their city in their eyes. This allowed each member to have a big part to play in the project and also gave a personal feel to the outcome. I also thought it was a good idea then, how each city would surround the city of Cardiff in the middle, where we all chose to create something that represented Cardiff in our eyes again.


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