How do you develop a brand?

A  brand has an identity, culture and personality. This is how the brand is perceived by others. It’s making an impression, and creates a target audience.

A brand has beliefs, a behavior and an attitude.

Why create a brand?

A brand is created to build reputation, to become recognised, to create emotional attachment and value. Most importantly to make, MONEY.

When creating a brand it is important to learn from competitors. Existing brands and products are great starting points when building research. It is also important to have a target audience. Questions that need to be answered are ‘Where are they located?’ ‘What are their interests?’ This is called market research. A target audience has characteristics. These can be categorized into 6 typical types-

  1. Geographic
  2. Demographic and Socioeconomic
  3. Psychological
  4. Behavioural
  5. Product related
  6. Motivations

Corporate Identity- What is Visual Language?

A visual language consists of-

  • Materials
  • Shape
  • Word
  • Colours
  • Images
  • Mark
  • Textures

There are four different names for the visual language of a company. These are-

Signatures- This is where the name of the company can be easily typed out, such as Google.

Word Marks- Here the type has been custom designed. FedEx is an example of this as they have incorporated an arrow into the name through the ‘E’ and the ‘X’.

Monograms- This is simply the company initials. An example of this is used by CMI.


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