Constellation:- Theory as an Object (session 1)

For our first week looking at ‘Theory as an Object,’we firstly looked at what ‘Theory’ was. It can be describes as “An idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action.” We then looked at ‘Art and Theory,’ where we learnt that there is no opposition between practice and theory, but a relationship that is mediated by the subject matter of the work of art.”We then need to consider that, there is always something else about a given subject matter that can be said, and that practices change over time and thus the approach to a given subject matter also necessarily changes. Also, every practitioner has a philosophical position and moves through a cultural and historical context

Throughout this session we also had a discussion on the best way of reading when researching something. The first thing we learnt was that you need to be quick, scanning for key words and looking at titles. you also need to read the context page as well as index page for sign posting, allowing you to find the information you are looking for without having to read irrelevant information. We also learnt that an author will often communicate his argument in a brief summary when opening and closing paragraphs. This is where you would find the relevant information you are looking for.



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