Year 2 Begins

After a long summer, and passing my first year, we are back in uni and go headfirst straight into a new project.

Before I talk about our first brief of the year I’d like to talk about the work experience I did with Grey, a design company in London. For one week I stayed in London and worked along side the design team, engaging on a number of different briefs they were currently working on. These were, a TV ad for The Sun, logo designs for Grey’s blog….

Brief 1:- Branding

Before we got stuck into the project, we had a week of discussion sessions where we considered the question ‘What is a brand?’ Many people in the studio answered with ‘a logo,’ but we learnt that it is a lot more than that. A brand has an identity and to create a brand you need to express it’s personality taking into account it’s brand values.

For our brief we were first given a type of company, where we had to act as a client. With this then, we had to create, from scratch, the company name, description, personality and values. We did this by completing a branding brief as well as producing a mood board. This was then given to another student in the group, who had to go away and design a brand identity around the information I had given them. I was given a ‘Security Company’ which I named ‘Sentinel’. Sentinel is another word for protection.

As a designer I was given a carpentry company called ‘Wood For The Trees.’ This was a tree house making company that had the branding values, community, environmentally friendly, fantastic, quality and friendly. With this, alongside other background information I then had to create a number of design outputs such as, a logo, website, business cards, van vinyls and web banners.

My finished outcome will be uploaded in future posts as I will also blog more on branding and visual language.



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