Project 3:- ‘Well Being’

For my project I worked with one other course mate. After doing a load of research we decided to base our topic on social anxiety. The reason we chose this topic was because of a friend of ours who suffers from this illness. We felt this would not only show his well-being but also test our own as we learn about what goes on in the head of one of our closest friend. He had never really opened up to us before, so this was a very tough process for him as well as us.

As he started to tell us about his feelings, it became quite hard to listen to, realising what he was actually going through. After he let everything out, we then went onto looking at other peoples thoughts. Here we went online and found blogs all about what other people were going through. We showed this to our friend, and he felt quite humbled by it, realising that he wasn’t alone and that there were millions going through the same thing he was. I was really happy we were able to do this for him as it made him a lot more relaxed when talking to us.

From this we started to design this awareness poster showing what goes on in the brain of someone with social anxiety. Here we took not only our friends thoughts, but also the ones from the blogs we read. I think the design was very successful, using quite harsh letterforms, along with a handwritten style which made it look like it was written in a diary.

This project I feel was a great success as it not tested the strength of our friend by getting everything of his chest, but ours by being able to listen to all the horrible thoughts that go through his head. This also brought us a lot closer as we were able to act upon his thoughts, assuring him how much of a great person he is and how much everyone in his life cares about him.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 19.41.10.png



Play and Creativity

In this module we learnt just how important creativity really is. In a global study by IBM in 2010, of 5000 Chief Executive Officers across 60 countries and 33 industries, creativity was selected as the most crucial factor for future success. As well as this, 78% of people in the UK agree that creativity is key to driving economic growth.

The aims of this module were to understand:

  • Factors and processes that affect creativity
  • The role of play in relation to creativity
  • The importance of your ‘State of Being’ to creativity
  • A range of tools to help support creativity

What is creativity?

My definition is, ‘The desire to discover, innovate and make.’

My tutors definition was, ‘The ability to come up with ideas or artefacts that are novel, valuable and substantive.’

New ideas (invention) + Value = Creativity

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 22.14.47.png

Another thing we learnt is that, it is not wrong to copy other peoples ideas. Realistically, where would we be if it wasn’t for scientists, inventors and designers building off one another ideas.

Steve Jobs once said, “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

What stops creativity?

Tradition, control, overspecialisation, negativism, prejudice, fear of failure, impatience, uniformity, fear of ridicule, conceit, lack of funding, confusion, insecurity, jealousy, group pressure, laziness, apathy, lack of Commitment, lack of support, intolerance, tenseness, fear of change, toxic nostalgia.

Do stuff that is “Insanely Great”- Steve Jobs

What can limit your creativity?


How do you break out of these habits?


  • Meet different types of people
  • Observe people and things
  • Go to different places
  • Gain new (personal) experiences
  • Gain new skills
  • Try stuff out

State of being and its relation to creativity-

Your state of being can be defined as the emotional, mental and physiological condition of a person.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 00.30.20

Your emotional state can have a big impact on your creativity. In order to be highly creative you must have a positive emotion, as well as being engaged in the activity you are taken part in.

Passion and motivation is another big factor affecting creativity. This is driven by a sense of purpose. This links in with flow, where you must be fully immersed in an activity as well as paying close attention.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 00.38.51.png

In order to have this passion and motivation, you must have a balance of factors such as control, relaxation, arousal and flow. Professor Paul Dolan, from London School of Economics believes finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life is the key to well being.

The creativity process-

  • Preparation
  • Incubation
  • Illumination
  • Verification

Your environment can be an important factor. Spaces that stimulate the mind, allow collaboration and play are crucial for idea building.


Play and its relation to creativity-

‘Doing’ links to the concept of play. It implies taking action, exploring, experimenting and prototyping. Again our concept of doing also brings in the importance of being aware of our ‘state of being’ while doing. It also links to collaboration and reflection.

Play gives people permission to explore ideas in a non-linear manner including the exploration of ideas that might seem totally unrelated to the challenge at hand. It also creates the opportunity for making unusual connections and therefore enables new insights to emerge.

Aspects of play-

  • Freedom of choice
  • Joy
  • Spontaneity
  • Absence of consequences
  • Removing constraint

Types of play-

  • Body play
  • Object play (using your hands)
  • Curiosity and exploration
  • Social play
  • Rough and tumble play
  • Imaginative play



Project 2:- Penguin Design Award

Project 1:- Creating a Brand

Here are my 3 concepts for the carpentry company, ‘Wood For The Trees’ I was designing for-

all 3 concepts.jpg

Here I have designed 3 different concepts, first a typical treehouse logo that could be used for a company with standard brand values. I have then designed a second logo around the ‘Wood For The Trees’ brand values, being environmentally friendly using an eco colour as well as a simple style. Lastly I have designed something a little more outside the box, creating a more complex look but looks a lot more aesthetic. Here I have made an engraved emblem out of wood, with a fancy design. I think this is a successful piece.

For each concept I created 4 other touching points, these being a web page along with social media icons, uniform, and business cards.

Concept 1-

concept 1 website.jpg

concept 1 gear.jpg

concept 1 cards.jpg

Concept 2-

concept 2 website.jpg


concept 2 cards.jpg

Concept 3-

concept 3 website.jpg

concept 3 gear.jpg

concept 3\ cards.jpg

The name ‘Wood For The Trees’ has come from the saying, ‘You can’t see the wood for the trees.’ This phrase  means, to be ​unable to understand a ​situation clearly because you are too ​involved in it. From this I took it and used it as a slogan, ‘We build a place, for you to get some space.’ This links to when you need to take a step back and chill out, which makes a treehouse a perfect place to do this.