Project 1:- Creating a Brand

Here are my 3 concepts for the carpentry company, ‘Wood For The Trees’ I was designing for-

all 3 concepts.jpg

Here I have designed 3 different concepts, first a typical treehouse logo that could be used for a company with standard brand values. I have then designed a second logo around the ‘Wood For The Trees’ brand values, being environmentally friendly using an eco colour as well as a simple style. Lastly I have designed something a little more outside the box, creating a more complex look but looks a lot more aesthetic. Here I have made an engraved emblem out of wood, with a fancy design. I think this is a successful piece.

For each concept I created 4 other touching points, these being a web page along with social media icons, uniform, and business cards.

Concept 1-

concept 1 website.jpg

concept 1 gear.jpg

concept 1 cards.jpg

Concept 2-

concept 2 website.jpg


concept 2 cards.jpg

Concept 3-

concept 3 website.jpg

concept 3 gear.jpg

concept 3\ cards.jpg

The name ‘Wood For The Trees’ has come from the saying, ‘You can’t see the wood for the trees.’ This phrase  means, to be ​unable to understand a ​situation clearly because you are too ​involved in it. From this I took it and used it as a slogan, ‘We build a place, for you to get some space.’ This links to when you need to take a step back and chill out, which makes a treehouse a perfect place to do this.


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