Project 3:- ‘Well Being’

For my project I worked with one other course mate. After doing a load of research we decided to base our topic on social anxiety. The reason we chose this topic was because of a friend of ours who suffers from this illness. We felt this would not only show his well-being but also test our own as we learn about what goes on in the head of one of our closest friend. He had never really opened up to us before, so this was a very tough process for him as well as us.

As he started to tell us about his feelings, it became quite hard to listen to, realising what he was actually going through. After he let everything out, we then went onto looking at other peoples thoughts. Here we went online and found blogs all about what other people were going through. We showed this to our friend, and he felt quite humbled by it, realising that he wasn’t alone and that there were millions going through the same thing he was. I was really happy we were able to do this for him as it made him a lot more relaxed when talking to us.

From this we started to design this awareness poster showing what goes on in the brain of someone with social anxiety. Here we took not only our friends thoughts, but also the ones from the blogs we read. I think the design was very successful, using quite harsh letterforms, along with a handwritten style which made it look like it was written in a diary.

This project I feel was a great success as it not tested the strength of our friend by getting everything of his chest, but ours by being able to listen to all the horrible thoughts that go through his head. This also brought us a lot closer as we were able to act upon his thoughts, assuring him how much of a great person he is and how much everyone in his life cares about him.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 19.41.10.png



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