Mind Your Own Business (week 1)

For my second field project I chose the topic ‘Mind Your Own Business.’ This lasted 5 weeks where we had to come up with a product, create a brand identity and sell it. The university gave us one hundred pounds to start up, which we had to give back after selling our our products. Any profit over one hundred pounds, we could then keep to ourselves.

The first week consisted of getting into our teams, where I was grouped with Jamie Windsor who is an illustrator, Aniqah  Murtaza who studies textiles and Chloe Lancaster, a product designer. We then had to gather some ideas of what our product could be. As the sales event at the end of the 5 weeks was the 9th of February, we thought it would be a good idea to produce something ready for Valentines Day. With this we firstly decided to design cards and bracelets to go with them. We wanted to go for a quirky theme, so instead of the traditional lovey dovey stuff people get on Valentines Day we decided to go with more of a cheeky approach. Following more discussion, we changed our idea of creating bracelets and chose to make chocolate cards instead as we felt this would sell more.

As we had come up with our final product, we then had to think of what our company and team name would be. Straight away I came up with the name ‘The Little Things’, as it’s the little things that mean the most. The group also really liked the name as it is quite catchy and memorable. Another good thing about it was that, it was broad enough that it didn’t just have to relate to Valentine’s Day, where  we could take the company further past Valentines and onto birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and pretty much any other occasion.

Now we had our product and company name, we needed to create a brand identity around it. With this we had to go away and do some research. Here we looked at existing brands and products that were similar to ours.

On Thursday we had Lauren Davies come in to talk about marketing, discussing why marketing is so important and ways in which businesses use marketing to sell products. This helped a lot as marketing is the most important aspect of selling our product. Lauren shared with us how Twitters advanced search works, where you can find loads of market research. It also allows you to narrow the search down to certain areas which can be useful if you’re a local business or sell a certain product related to a certain area.



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