Mind Your Own Business (week 2)

For our second week we started to look at the card designs we were going to use. Here we came up with 6 different cheeky saying that all students could relate to without being cringe. As we were going to be selling our product in the University we thought it would be a good idea for students to be our target market, for obvious reasons. Throughout the week we got our product designs together and starting to prepare everything ready so we could go on and finally make the cards and the chocolate for the following week.

Here are the 6 final card designs-

These were designed using the same typeface as the logo. We wanted our company to have it’s own brand identity, so we thought it would be a good idea to use the typeface for everything we produce, including the marketing posters. The reason for choosing this typeface was because of it’s fancy handwritten style. We wanted to create handmade cards as well as handmade chocolate, so this fitted very well with that.

The Logo-

logoThe whole point of our company was that it wasn’t cringe, we wanted to show a more comical side of relationships and friendships so we decided to show this in our logo too. Just as a little something which didn’t need to stand out, I changed the hearts so they were upside down, this creating something that looked a little like a males private parts. I didn’t want to make it too crude but enough to show what we were about, which I think worked.

On to the chocolate cards, we adapted the design until we had 6 different moulds. On the front of the chocolate we had a design relating to each 6 cheeky phrase we had for the cards. With this then we would package it with cellophane that had the saying stuck on top. We then decided to have a postcard behind the chocolate to make one product. This came about as we found that once the chocolate had been eaten, the person would be left with a blank sided postcard with personal text on the back which wouldn’t have worked as its own individual card.

After finalising this, we then thought it would be a good idea to carry out a blind folded taste test to find out which chocolate brand was the best without knowing what brand it actually was.Before running the test we’d already decided to include both white chocolate and milk chocolate in our chocolate cards as this would show more detail in the designs. An example of this would be a wink emoji face for ‘I Would’, where the emoji face would be made with white chocolate and the background would be in milk chocolate. We also found that this would look a lot more appealing than just plain milk chocolate.

Our taste test showed that Sainsbury’s milk chocolate came out on top as well as Asda’s white chocolate. These can be bought for 30p and 60p which was quite cheap compared to how much we were thinking of selling for.


Chocolate mould- #Stud


These were made using moulding clay, where we then used a vacuum former to create a mould tray. Here we had to make sure the plastic we used was food safe, which it was!



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