Mind Your Own Business (week 3)

After creating the moulding trays, we then needed to fill them with chocolate and allow them to set. Here we melted down the chocolate and using a piping bag, filled the tray with both white and milk chocolate, firstly filling the design with white chocolate and letting it set, then the background with milk chocolate and once again leaving it set, keeping them refrigerated.

molds 2

To get the prices of our product we went around the university with a prototype chocolate card asking how much people would be willing to pay for both the chocolate card and the screen printed cards. This was also a good opportunity to get the word out about our company and when the pre sales event would take place. The research told us that people happily pay up to £3.50 for the chocolate and around £2 for the card which gave us a good profit margin for each product.

Now that we had our products, we needed to promote it. We did this in many ways, such as posters, flyers, creating a Facebook group as well as designing business cards.

poster 1

poster 2

I designed 2 posters, to try and inform people of the sales event as much as possible. Again I have used the same typeface as the logo and the cards. I also wanted to give an idea of what we would be selling adding in some speech bubbles of the cheeky phrases we have on the cards. I also added in a chocolate theme, as after all we are selling chocolate.

With the card designs finished, we now needed to start screen printing. Firstly we painted each card separately using 6 different colours that was appropriate for each phrase, for example red for ‘Netflix and Chill’ as Netflix is known for the colour red. We then screen printed each card using white paint giving a really clear finish.

This week we also had to start thinking about our sales stand, making it stand out as much as possible, this attracting as many customers as possible. We also wanted to keep it in the theme of our company.


Here is a prototype of our stall. You can see we have used the same dripping chocolate as well as the speech bubbles showing what we were selling with our cheeky phrases. For our actual stall we wanted to use as much colour as possible.

On Thursday we had another  guest speaker come in called Dan who is a freelance graphic designer and came up with the idea for Design Stuff Wales. Design Stuff Wales is a self-funding event which is held every month, with guest speakers from different design companies giving talks on design. He talked about how we shouldn’t care what other people think of what we do. He also talked about failure, and how if something fails, don’t sit on it, but learn from it and improve next time. This was very comforting to hear, as fellow graphic designer, I can see that he has achieved a lot, admitting he has had a few bumps in the road.



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