Project 4:- The Little Things- Mind Your Own Business (week 5)

For our final week it was time to sell! We had made more cards and more chocolate, ready for Tuesday the 9th. Monday was all about prep.


Here is our finished stall which I think looked wicked. We were able to create exactly what we set out to do, making something that stood out, using the dripping chocolate and having big speech bubbles. We then laid out the cards and chocolate really nicely so the customer could see each card design and chocolate. We also clearly presented the prices of each product so the customers knew exactly what was going on.

Again to get more sales, We went around the university to sell to students and staff in other areas. We knew from our presale that a lot of people didn’t know where the heart space was in the art building so while we were walking around we were letting everyone know exactly where it was. The day was a lot less busy as we thought it would be, but it was a success as we managed to get a profit of twenty pounds each!

At the end of the day, we hadn’t sold all of our stock so we were told we could also sell on Wednesday if we wanted so we decided to come in and set up our stall again to try and make a few extra sales. This helped a little but Wednesdays are the least busiest day of the week so we only made a few more sales. Still we made a profit, and that’s all that matters!

Thursday we had our company presentation which went very well. I created the video to go with our presentation, and I feel it worked really well as it was quirky just like our company. Overall i thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as well as working with new people who I will definitely keep in contact with!



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