For this project we had to choose an issue to research. The issue had to be something that we felt strongly about. Through our research, we then had to chose a theme and identify an organisation which champions this issue. By contacting and talking to them we then had to formulate a brief for them identifying an area of communication design need – for instance raising awareness, exerting political pressure, informing the public or a particular target group, increasing donations, bringing about behaviour change etc. The organisation then became our client.


The aims of this project were to communicate effectively to an appropriate target audience in order to induce action on their part necessarily involving persuasion.

After we had chosen our issue and organisation we had design a create brief-

refuge creative brief.jpg


I decided to look into domestic violence and the affects it has on children. The reason I chose this issue is because I have always felt strongly about the topic, and I wanted more and more people to understand exactly what a child goes through when witnessing domestic violence.

My final outcome was three campaign posters showing the affects of domestic violence on children, using children’s toys as a hard-hitting message.

For children it is hard to speak out about witnessing domestic violence. Some are unable to pick up the phone and get help. Some are too scared to tell someone. And some think they will never be able to get away from it.

This campaign is aimed towards the people who can pick up the phones, the ones who aren’t afraid, and those who are willing to get these children help.

Although these children can’t, YOU CAN.




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