Digital Me

For my last project of the year we had to focus on self promotion. We were asked to create and develop and explore a number of issues:

  • CV and supporting speculative email
  • Digital interactive Portfolio / On-line presence/portfolio
  • Social media footprint

This project was about learning how to use design technologies and media to communicate who we are to potential employers and collaborators.We learnt how to write, create and deliver a Curriculum Vitae, as well as learning how to select work for, and create a Digital Portfolio. We also learnt how to develop an Online Presence.

During this process we had to think critically and contextually. We had to think about what skills we need to qualify for this important responsibility, as well as how we would develop skills of:
Self-Awareness; thoughtful ‘design-mindfulness’; awareness of other people; empathy; listening; relationship. These are human-scale skills which contribute to innovative creativity, will help you stand-out and to which other people will give great value.

We then had to think about how we could reveal these skills through our writing, our work and the digital technologies available to us.

This project will then give us opportunities to begin, and to prepare us for the wider world.

Dan Davies CV




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