Dissertation Proposal

For my dissertation I wanted to look into the use of typography and imagery and how it has changed over time within the FIFA World Cup.

Typography is the driving force in all forms of communication. This is evident in every piece of design. I have decided to look into the changes typography and imagery have undertook within the FIFA World Cup. Here I am going to be looking into the development of the World Cup brand and how it has evolved over time. The reason I have chosen to investigate into the FIFA World Cup is due to my passion for football. I have played and watched football from a very young age and the World Cup in my opinion, has always been the greatest sporting event to watch. Not only do you have the best footballers in the world all competing against each other, but it is a time for countries to come together as one. Being able to write about something I have so much interest in, as well as writing about typography and imagery which relates to my practice, helps me gain a lot as it allows me to write passionately.

Within my research I will be looking at the uses of fonts and typefaces as well as the colours and textures used in all aspects of the World Cup brand, such as the logo, posters and all the merchandise that goes with it. This will also include each countries team kit. I would also like to study the FIFA World Cup tickets which have also been designed differently every four years. With the first ever World Cup being in 1930, I have a lot of resources to look into. This will also allow me to compare in great detail, analysing each aspect of design and finding relationships and differences between each event.


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