Third Year: Real World

My last year of University and my first day back, we get stuck straight into our first brief. Our first project is called ‘Real World’ where we have been asked to produce solutions for a group of clients within ‘Healthy University’ run by the Welsh Assembly Government based at Cardiff Met. In teams we have been asked to help communicate the issues within the University such as the Environment, Health and Well-being, Welsh Culture, Local Community and Equality & Diversity. The aim of this project is to create an outcome that helps us understand and empathise with our given target audience. My team was given the target audience of staff within the University and the issue of Equality and Diversity.

Following our briefing we were set group tasks in order to get some understanding of the topic of equality and diversity.

First task

Write down keywords that come to mind when you think about Healthy University Design Challenge in terms of the theme and target audience. 

Theme (equality and diversity) = yellow

Target audience (staff) = pink

Second task

Observe simple activities that people do everyday on campus. This could range from drinking a coffee, putting on a coat, sending a text. In our teams we had to decide on one activity that we wanted to examine in detail- Notice every piece of detail as if it was happening in slow motion.

The activity we examined was staff using the printer. You’ll find almost everyone does the same thing, standing waiting quite awkwardly.

The stages we identified were:

Going to a university Pc or Mac

Sending work the printer

Waiting in line

Scanning card

Looking at surrounding (while waiting)

Printing work on printer screen

Banding down to watch paper come out.

Catching paper, feeling how worm it is

Third task

Create a piece of ambient design that will draw people’s attention to your Theme.

Our group focussed on gender and started to think about the different things that represent gender. For example toilet signs and a traffic light man. We decided to create a poster that asked the question “what do you feel about gender equality?” and stuck it up in the male toilets.  It turns out not many people used the toilet in this space of time…

Fourth task

Create a news story about what happened. Present it as if it were an article in a local newspaper, (you can create a paper based or digital mock up) or an item on the local news.

As a group we decided to do it as an article in Cardiff met news.


Although these tasks felt quite tedious I think they actually turned out very positive as it gave us a chance as a group to get to know one another and learn about each others strengths and weakness, where we could then put all our skills into one to create the best possible idea and outcome.




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