Understanding Empathy

Do I understand, intellectually and emotionally my own feelings, thoughts and motivations – and whether or not I care? (e.g. What do I feel now about this project? Why am I here?) 

I believe I have good morals, understanding and accepting equality and diversity, meaning I can take my own feelings and motivations, and use them to crack on with this project with a pragmatic approach. No matter what differences some people might have, I respect those who respect me.

Do I understand, intellectually and emotionally the feelings, thoughts and motivations of other people – and whether or not I care about them? (e.g. What might other people feel about the University as it is? Why are they here?)

I don’t know the feelings or thoughts of every single person, and realistically I never will. Apart from this, I can do my research and ask people what they think. I have to care what people think as when creating a piece of communication I have to take into account target audience and what the world wants.

Do I understand, intellectually and emotionally how capable I am of embracing, entering into and valuing another person’s feelings, thoughts and motivations – and whether or not I want to? (e.g. How might I come to see other people’s points-of-view? What might I want to do in response?)

It’s not always easy to embrace and value another person’s opinion as it might be completely different to your own. Saying this, no matter how hard it is you still have to enter into it as this might be what the world really needs, not what you need.

In terms of Equality & Diversity-

1 : How do people actually behave?- What do you think is influencing their behaviour – what’s going on in their thoughts?

I believe peoples behaviour is affected hugely by their upbringing. People are taught what to think through their family and friends as this is how they ‘know’ to behave. This comes from personal beliefs and social responsibilities.

2 : How would I want people to behave?

The world will never be a place where everyone is at peace. Although I would like a world where everyone gets on and respects each other, this will never be the case. Even those, such as myself, who expect to be treated the way others treat them, there is always something or someone you don’t like regardless of their differences, but for example, they have a different religion, you can be seen as racist or morally indecent. Even when you had no intention of being, as the reason you don’t like them has nothing to do with their race, religion, age, gender etc. But that is how people are. I think I would like a world where people don’t use their differences as a way of defence, as this is the reason why the problem of equality and diversity still exists.

3 : Why do I want people to behave in a particular way?

I would like people to behave in this particular way because of the obvious reason that it would bring peace to the world, well some peace anyway.

4 : How might I learn to empathise with people, in order to create mutually-beneficial design?

In order to empathise I will need to question people on not only their opinions but how they really feel and why. I can also learn about their experiences, where I can then compare them to my own.


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