Real World- Research

To get a quick insight into what Cardiff Met already does for Equality and Diversity my team and I went around the University looking for existing campaigns and events. The only thing we could find was a language poster which was printed on an a5 piece of card and hidden away after another poster had been covering it.

We found it again and this is where it was placed…


For our campaign we wanted to stay away from the generic posters pinned up alongside a whole wall of even more generic posters.

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Although these Equality and Diversity campaign posters are aesthetically designed, they’re not engaging. As a group we wanted to do something different, where the user could interact and have a learning experience. With this we started to think about what the staff of Cardiff Met do without fail every day. Coffee.

Though the use of coffee cups we thought it would be a great idea to cover up a logo such as Starbucks with a coffee sleeve taking away labels. This would then be used as our awareness aspect of the campaign. ‘No Labels’ as our message and campaign title would then drive our purpose of bringing everyone together ‘As One’.

Although we came up with many promoting ideas, we all felt that the coffee cup concept was very unique which could be designed and created in a very affective way.


Also, as part of our research we decided to interview stakeholders, which are staff of the University as this was our target audience. We interviewed several staff members from different levels.

Questions we asked were-

In your opinion what’s the role of Diversity Equality in the 21 Century?

What form of media do you pay most attention to and use most frequently?

How much do you care about equality and diversity?

Where do you think your personal values and ideologies come from?

Have you ever been effected by equality and diversity?

Do you think more needs to be done in order to promote equality and diversity?

What do you think needs to happen in order to inspire change among staff?

Is there something you do daily without fail?

Where do you tend to notice things?

We soon realised that the University didn’t need to solve the issue of Equality and Diversity, but simply celebrate what Cardiff Met does for it.

Following the interviews we then started to think about how we could bring people together and celebrate. Here we decided that languages and culture would be a great way to do this, where people could learn and understand more about another persons background and differences.


We knew we had to come up with something different and outside the box in order to really get our message across to the staff, so we set no boundaries and came up with really different but interesting ideas. Following our brainstorm, we then went on to separating our research into three categories where we could then finally put together a mind map of our ideas stemming from our message of ‘As One’. We wanted to create a campaign that would bring the staff together through interaction. We also wanted some sort of engagement with the staff and our design outcome.




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