Real Word- Development

With such great feedback from our clients we started to crack on with the final outcomes. After  some development, Callum, one of my group members, designed the final logo identity. Himself as well as Katie took it upon themselves to design most of the outcomes. The reason for this is because our mentor Angelo suggested that only one or two members of the group should design, but with advice from the rest of the group. If we were all to design separately the outcomes would look different and the campaign wouldn’t look close knitted. Although I would have liked to have designed, I didn’t mind as I gave my input whenever I could, helping shape the end product. At the end of the day it is a group project.


Now we had our identity we could now put together all of our other products. Personally I loved the typeface, using a bold black colour. The red hashtag also really stood out underlying the title. These colours would then run across all of our design outcomes, creating the simple close knitted campaign that we wanted.

As part of our coffee sleeve idea, we have also decided it would be even better to not only have different languages printed, but also braille for someone who is blind as well as sign language for someone who has hearing problems. This really ties in with Equality and Diversity as we are thinking about everyone.


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