Real World- Progress

As we had our awareness aspect of the campaign we now needed a product that could be used and then shared.

Using languages and culture, we came up with a great idea of creating an app where staff could learn new phrases in a different language. With this they could then practice their phrases when paying for their food. Once speaking to the person on the till in the different language you would then scan your app to receive a reward such as a free desert. We believe that through new languages and ‘free food’, staff of the university would be more motivated in learning, understanding and accepting other cultures.

Here are some rough sketches of what the app would look like. We also made some prototypes for the coffee sleeves. We wanted to keep our design simple throughout the whole campaign. With the coffee sleeves we thought it would be an even better idea to have ‘No Labels’ in the different languages linking in with the app and creating a cohesive campaign.

Following the sketches I decided to go away and mock up some coffee cups digitally. As a draft just quickly I wanted to see how affective just plain text saying ‘No Labels’ would be. As a group we all liked it but it needed some tweaking.


To create a ‘No Label’ identity, we first started to think about the design of the logo. As the whole point of our campaign was to take away labels we didn’t want to design something complex, creating a label…


After bringing together our idea and finalising a draft of our journey map, we were set to have our first pitch with our clients to get some feedback for the final pitch. Here is our stand that we put together showing all of our research and ideas-


Thankfully the clients thought our idea was fantastic and couldn’t wait to see the final outcome. Now that we knew the clients were really enthusiastic about our campaign, my group and I started to discuss what our touchpoint would be.

Alongside the coffee sleeves, we decided to design a website and stickers to create awareness. As well as the app we thought it would be a nice touch to create language pins that could be pinned to lanyards, allowing staff members to identify each others language. Finally to share we wanted to design a social media presence. Another way of sharing would also be tweeting directly from the app.


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