Real World- Final Pitch

Our final pitch was a very nervous day for me. Although I am a very confident person I am not the best public speaker. Still I picked up the courage and nominated myself to speak about the reasoning behind our whole campaign. I wanted to do this because I was very passionate about our idea and I really wanted to express that to our clients and peers.

With very shaky hands the pitch went great and after each of the other groups had presented, we took our clients over to our final outcome stand. They said they were already won over after our presentation so it was very relaxed when talking to them individually. This was also a chance for clients of the other groups to take a look at our work. Again we had great feedback!

As a reflection I really enjoyed working on this brief as well as working with such a great team who all got stuck in and pulled their own weight. I think we worked perfectly as a group as we were all on the same wave length throughout the whole process.


Here are our final outcomes through the use of Awareness, Use and Share-


Coffee Sleeves-

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Language Pins-



Social Media-


Video Pitch-


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