Addiction- Further Research

Another thing I wanted to look into was addictive behaviours-

Behaviour traits of an addict

Every addict is unique, but there are observable traits that such individuals tend to share. Being aware of the common symptoms and behavior of addiction can be helpful because it makes it possible to identify people who may have addictions. It also makes it easier for the individual themselves to determine if they have a problem, which may be something they are ignoring because of denial. There are many types of addiction, but there are certain commonalities that tend to link them all.

It is a widely held belief that addiction is more likely to occur with certain personality types. While it is not an exact science there does seem to be certain characteristics that addicts tend to share.

The addictive personality includes such traits as:

-High degree of tolerance for criminal behavior

-Prone to act impulsively

-Periods of depression

-Antisocial behaviour

-History of attention seeking

-Low self-esteem and confidence

-An admiration for rebellious behaviour

-Feels like an outsider

-Insecurity in relationships


-They find it hard to wait for rewards

Those who are addicted to substances or behavior may exhibit any of the following symptoms:

-Secretiveness and attempts to hide the extent of their addiction

-They can begin to lose interest in activities they previously liked

-Loss of interest in personal hygiene and grooming

-Increasingly focused on the substance or behavior

-Lying and other unethical behavior


-Financial problems

-Family problems

-Unexplained disappearances

-Mood swings


-Suicidal thoughts


-Work problems

Can I show my understanding of an addict through design?


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