Addiction- Intervention

During the Ted talk, Johann Hari talks about how we should treat the addicts in our lives. He believes punishing them will only drive them further and further away. He mentions a tv series called Intervention where family and friends sit and let out everything they want to say, giving the addict the opportunity to get help.

To get a better understanding of what Hari was talking about I decided to watch two episodes, with two different approaches made by the family.

What I saw was one family let out their love for their daughter, telling her just how much they care for her. Not once did they tell her that if she didn’t stop they would abandon her. After everyone had spoken she agreed to get help straight away and got in the car to rehab. The second episode I watched was a little different. The sister of the addict expressed her love for her brother, telling him she’d always be there for him. The addicts cousin then said, if he didn’t stop using he would stop him from seeing his children. This infuriated the addict and made him storm out. The sister went after him and consoled him. After speaking alone, the addict agreed to go back into intervention room and in the end he agreed to get help. The addict told his sister, he was only getting help because of her, he said he wasn’t doing it for his cousin who he called a few nasty names.

The addicts cousin could have tipped the addict over the edge by what he said, and if it wasn’t for his sister who showed love and care the addict wouldn’t have agreed to get help.

What we saw from the sister is connection. The cousin on the other hand was ready to cut the connection between the addict which made him angry. If he feels he has no connection with this family and friends he would carry on with the connection he has with the drugs.

I want to communicate this. I want people to realise that punishing an addict will only make things worse. If they feel they have nothing else they will never stop as that’s what’s keeping them going, the drug is what they turn to so they feel some sort of connection. If someone has an addict in their life they need to show unconditional support, trying to get them help. And if the addict says no to getting help, they shouldn’t then cut them out of their lives but carry on trying to get them the help they need, reassuring them that they love and care for them.


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