In Cold Blood- Concept

All the existing book covers I have seen are all the same. Each one focuses on the crime and use blood splats and ropes to represent the theme of the book. After watching the film Capote I realised that there is more to the book than just the crime. From these new films it has started to make people question what Capote was really doing while writing the book. People have started to question the relationship between him and Smith. In the film we see behind the scenes to the story and the book becomes a whole new mystery. What was Capote’s motive? Did he care about Smith? Did they have a secret relationship?

We start to think about how Capote got to his ending. Was this his plan all along? To use Smith and get him to talk about his messed up life and finally use him to get the ending to his book, the two murderers deaths.

The brief asked me to break boundaries in the same way that the book did. It should be bold, maybe even shocking, yet remain true to the book. I wanted to create a different concept, and I came up with the idea of how we start to look through Capote’s eyes (glasses that he famously wore). Capote looked at the killers in a different way to everyone else especially Smith. There are even famous photographs of the pair together while the case was going on. I wanted my design to be simple as but bold. I wanted it to reflect a new mystery that readers might start to notice. I just didn’t want to create another standard book cover that had the same concept as everyone else. I like to think differently, it makes designing so much more interesting.



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